Gotta love motivation early in the morning!

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The first night of this campaign has been so humblling y’all! I just got a $500 donation that has already placed me only $300 from my minimum goal! A true blessing and thankful experience to see such support for HappEsextalk and The “Lets Get HappE!” Campaign. For today and March 8th only, due to my partnership with Indiegogo’s International Women’s Day Campaigns, they give my campaign $1 for every $25 donated. I appreciate the love and support thus far and cannot wait to see where the next 30 days takes HappEsextalk #HAPPESEXED #FUNDHAPPESEX (at #FUNDHAPPESEX)

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Got some big news comin up in a little while…get ready for it! #HAPPESEXED #TEAMHAPPESEX #ILUVHAPPESEX

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Let’s Get HappE!! Fundraising Page is LIVE!!!!

Hey Everybody!! Please go check out my Indiegogo Fundraising Page for HappEsextalk!! It’s only running for 30 days! share it ALL over social media, and hopefully donate a little too if you’re able! I’ve been working really hard on this campaign, and I must say I’m pretty proud of it, and I hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks in advance — You all are phenomenal!! 

PLEASE, PLEASE share the “Let’s Get HappE!!” Campaign page and use the following hashtags: #HAPPESEXED #FUNDHAPPESEX




I need sex ed because I didn’t know girls could masturbate/watch porn until I was 16. I didn’t understand why touching myself was pleasurable so when I had my first orgasm at age 15 I didn’t know what it was.

- anonymous

This breaks my heart almost completely and yet gives me soooo much motivation to keep pushing and giving sex ed anywhere I can!

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Sexapalooza 2014

Sexapalooza was SOOOO much fun!! I have to give a HUGE shout out to my girls Naki, Atiyaa, Ty & Lindsey for helping me out this weekend —- not to mention my AMAZING husband, David, who was my right hand man all 3 days!! Thank you all for everything!!

The basket winner has been chosen, she’s getting everything on Friday so make sure to keep your eyes open for a picture of her with the big basket of goodies!!! Thank you to everybody who came by the HappEsextalk booth and attended my seminar “Ain’t Nothin’ But A G-Spot Thang, Baby!” — Hope you all had fun and laughed a little bit too!! :)

As always, stay happE, stay sexy, and keep talkin’!!

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Just a little preview of that 2014 #happEsextalk Gorilla Marketing Campaign! Shoutout to @sketchbutler! He’s been workin super hard for his wifie! It all looks amazing! #TeamHappeSex #ILuvHappeSex #2014Takeover #Sexapalooza #ThankfulForMyBlessings

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Just realized that I’m officially on the Sexapalooza website for the Friday, Saturday & Sunday schedules! I feel so official! #happEsextalk #ILuvHappeSex #TeamHappeSex #HardWork #ILoveMyJob (at Franklin County Veterans Memorial)

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THIS. Thank you @pro_choice for the pic - absolutely perfect!

Guess who’s gonna be at the Columbus Sexapalooza Event next weekend?!

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Aw yeah, vagina FTW

Just another reason the clitoris is amazing. #ClitorisLove #8000nerves #MasturbationGloriousness

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"You can totally be a feminist who has insecurities. Feminism isn’t about pretending we all feel like Wonder Woman, it’s about being honest when we don’t, and having the conversation on why that is."
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I love everything about this. ♥

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"I do feel there is a preoccupation with that. The preoccupation with transition and surgery objectifies trans people. And then we don’t get to really deal with the real lived experiences. The reality of trans people’s lives is that so often we are targets of violence. We experience discrimination disproportionately to the rest of the community. Our unemployment rate is twice the national average; if you are a trans person of color, that rate is four times the national average. The homicide rate is highest among trans women. If we focus on transition, we don’t actually get to talk about those things."

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