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Well then…

I think the most meaningful part of this statement is the very end. It is true, everybody has the opportunity to hurt you in various ways. Its never a bad thing to have an idea of the type of people and/or relationships you would fight the hardest for - definitely saves you a lot of work in the loony run I guess…

Still kinda torn over this - what do you all think?

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Why do people tell you to urinate after sex?

Peeing after you have sex helps prevent bladder infections, urinary tract infections (UTI’s), and all that jazz. The constant stream of urine just pushes out all the nasty bacteria that can lead to these types of infections!

It’s always usually recommended to pee right after you have sex - ESPECIALLY if you’re prone to UTI’s or bladder infections!

Hope this helps! stay happE, stay sexy, and keep talkin’!

- E.

Go make-up free and celebrate inner beauty for one day with Miss Representation!!

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Because I am a Woman: 8 Online Resources to Jump-Start Your Reproductive Rights Activism f


I tend to get lot of emails, tweets, and messages about one thing: How do I become more aware of what’s happening in my community and nationwide when it comes to reproductive health and rights? What are some resources I can start using to increase my awareness?

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Love this picture. Very true definition of some things that sex-positive means to me…

Shoutout to @airialclark for posting it so I could share it! :)

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Is it possible for all women to squirt? How does it happen, and where does the fluid come from? Isn't it really just urine?

Oh, female ejaculation. It’s such a puzzle for our minds isn’t it?!

Some have said once the proper technique is learned, female ejaculation is possible for all women, and of course others say it isn’t possible for all women to experience because all women and orgasms are different.

It is most likely to happen with continual G-spot stimulation or intense stimulus of the vulva with either a penis, hand, or another object. 

Because female ejaculation is produced and passes through the urethra, it is a common belief that it’s just urine. However, this isn’t the case!

If you need more information about finding the G-Spot, how to stimulate it, or anything like that - definitely let me know! ;) Hope this answers your questions!

As always, stay happE, stay sexy, and keep talkin’!!

- E.

Hey I just got the softcups for my MC...have you tried these...what do you think of these vs. tampons?

I have not used the soft cups yet, however I hear good things about them. Since they are hypo-allergenic, latex-free, able to eliminate odor, and not to mention…can be worn for 12 hours, you can only imagine why they have become popular! LOL

For women who want to be Eco-friendly, the reusable ones are perfect because you can remove, rinse, and re-insert throughout your entire cycle before needing to dispose of it! It’s therefore, also a much cheaper option for some people in comparison to tampons!

However, since it’s worn around the cervix and collects blood, some women aren’t comfortable when wearing it - but just like everything else, it’s really a personal choice for what works/feels best for you!!

Hope this helps!! You’ll have to let me know whether or not they have changed your life in comparison to tampons!!

As always, stay happE, stay sexy, and keep talkin’!!!

- E.

So excited that I’m attending a free screening of TRANS tonight on Widener University’s campus!! I’ve been waiting to see this video, and I know it’s going to be amazing!! Enjoy the trailer!!!

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The CSPH: Word Of The Day: areola f


Today we’re getting back to anatomy: starting with the areola.

If you’ve got nipples, you have areolae! The term ‘areola’ refers specifically to the colored area (usually roughly circular in shape) around the nipple, and varies in shape, size, and pigmentation across the population. Most of…

I know that’s right!! You use the right terminology CSPH!! Love it! Love Areolas!! Yay for Thursday night Word of the Day!

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I recently started having sex with my boyfriend and he's well... On the bigger size scale than my first. Every time we have sex though it's like having sex for the very first time, pain and bleeding included. Is this normal?

Hey Anon -

I have a feeling this the same person, and their question just got submitted twice. However, I just posted about this same topic! Check out my reply, and don’t hesitate to ask follow up questions if you still need answers!! Thanks for submitting your question! <3.

As always, stay happE, stay sexy, and keep talkin’!!

- E.

My boyfriend's penis is.... just big period. Well every time we've had sex but once it has been like virginity losing sex. It has been uncomfortable and I have bled. Is this okay and what should I do because this can't keep happening? =/

Honestly, there are many causes for vaginal pain during sex, but I picked a few applicable and more likely for your question. As a proud vagina possessor myself, it’s very important that you know nothing is wrong with you or your beautiful vagina! Although not extremely common, many women do report vaginal pain like you describe! So the good news is, you are not alone (Queue Michael Jackson please…and yes, I just sang the lyrics as I typed those words LOL).

Before I get in the groove, after reading your question, something must be made perfectly clear: Whenever sex is painful or uncomfortable for eitherparty involved, stop having sex people!!!

Yes, I’m aware this is a scary concept. However, one can only hope you agree that freedom from vaginal pain and the ability to THOUROUGHLY ENJOY sex with your partner is top priority at this point!! So, in order to appreciate sex in its true amazing-ness (which you undoubtedly deserve btw), your vagina needs a small break baby - okay? Thankfully, there are plenty alternative sexual activities you two can discover together in the meantime, and who knows – maybe you’ll unearth a favorite act of foreplay through all this exploration ;)

Here are the possibilities for your vaginal pain I believe address your questions and concerns:


  • Your vagina may be defending itself from the “evil gigantic penis” that belongs to your boo, due to this pain being felt every time you have sex. What I mean by defending itself is that your vagina is (for lack of a better word) “tightening up” in effort to protect itself from pain.
  • In addition to your super hero protective vagina, your body is likely experiencing high anxiety because it’s now expecting pain during sex. For most women, their state of arousal and relaxation leading up to having sex determines whether a vagina feels “loose” or “tight”. Therefore, it makes sense your anxiety amplifies the “tightening” feeling and pain. 
  • Without knowing specifics of your boyfriend’s penis size - if he’s bigger in length than in width, it’s possible his penis is inserted deeply enough that it’s causing you vaginal pain. Sometimes, this situation can be remedied with different sexual positions that allow you to control how deep his penis is inserted.  

Please keep in mind, these options I listed do not provide substitution for visiting your lovely gynecologist! If you’re experiencing pain even after you two are waiting for full arousal, lubrication, and relaxation to occur - the source of your vaginal pain must be discussed with a doctor. This is especially true if vaginal pain is also experienced when not having sex, because treating and resolving this pain is the most important concern.

Some things to plan on discussing with your doctor:

  • Whether pain is located in the opening or the back of your vagina
  • Whether is happens constantly during sex and/or when not having sex
  • How long you’ve been experiencing the pain
  • (If applicable) Is the pain only present with current sexual partner, or all sexual partners
  • Was the pain eased with application of lubricant?

As if this answer hasn’t already developed into a short novel, you definitely need to discuss the occurrence of blood during sex. The doctor should be aware of this because, while it’s normal for a little bleeding – as well as no bleeding – to occur after the first few times you initially have sex, once you’ve been sexually active, bleeding during sex needs to be examined.


I hope this answers your question, and hopefully it wasn’t too much information all at once. Vaginal pain during sex is not a short and sweet, to the point sort of discussion. However, if I didn’t give enough information for you,  please don’t hesitate to follow up with more questions! There are never too many questions when it comes to your sexual health!! <3.


As always, stay happE, stay sexy, and keep talkin’!!

- E.

Cohabitation? 5 Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together f

Some pretty thorough and truthful concerns are addressed in these 5 questions you might want to ask yourself before deciding to move in with your partner!! Check them out!!

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Marriage And Sex: Scheduling Intimacy Can Improve Both f

This is a really interesting perspective on scheduling sex for married couples (which would work for any couple in all honesty…)

I’ve always been a fan of spontaneous sex to warm things up and keep it interesting, but I kinda agree with some of the points in this article to be honest. What are your thoughts?!

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