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Not Your Baby App: Phone App Gives Suggestions For Sexual Harassment Responses f

Sick of catcalls? Not ever sure how to respond to them? Oh, don’t worry - there’s an app for that.

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If an American woman in uniform is raped and becomes pregnant, Congress bars Tricare military insurance from paying for an abortion.

If an American woman in the Peace Corps becomes pregnant, Congress bars coverage of an abortion — and there is no explicit exception even if she is raped or her life is in danger.

When teenagers in places like Darfur, Congo or Somalia survive gang rapes, aid organizations cannot use American funds to provide an abortion.

A record number of states have curbed abortions in the last two years. According to the Guttmacher Institute, which follows reproductive health, 55 percent of American women of reproductive age now live in one of the 26 states deemed “hostile to abortion rights.”

The Republican campaign platform denounces contraceptive education in schools. Instead, it advises kids to abstain from sex until marriage.


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Women WILL decide this election. Take a stand for yourself and for women in this country. Vote. Obama 2012.

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